Are you heading out of town? Does your job prevent you to be home during the day? Services are available for daily visits or for special trips and vacations.

At (Your) Home Care:

We come to you. When you’re out of town, we can stop over for several visits throughout the day: morning, afternoon, and night; or we can stay overnight for a sleepover. It helps reduce their stress by keeping them in their familiar environment. No more puppy nightmares.

Weekday Midday Visits:

Here’s where we have you covered on your long days at work.  We get the pleasure of hanging out with many of Richmond’s finest during the day, taking these canines out for a walk or other outing, based on their need.  Sometimes just a little TLC is needed, and other times we end up at one of our city parks for a walk or trail hike.

Play dates and Group Walks:

Not enough of our dogs get social interaction with other dogs.  Play dates and Buddy Walks get everyone together for fun and exercise, and we have a knack at hosting these.  Our daily and weekly walking buddies truly become part of our pack, making friends with us but also their canine friends they get to see when they’re with us. So many canine friendships around Richmond, VA, thanks to us.

Service Area:

Our main service areas are the Fan, Museum District, Midtown, Downtown, Jackson Ward, Shockoe Slip and Bottom, Church Hill, Manchester, North Side, Forest Hill, Westover Hills, Stratford Hills, and the West End until approximately Forest Ave.   (We do go outside of our service area, based on availability, for an added mileage fee.)

Custom Sitting:

If you don’t see it within our services or rates, but you have special needs or schedules, let’s chat. I’m sure we can work something out.


Because our time is valuable to our clients, we like to schedule services in advance. We’ll have an initial meet-and-greet (shake-a-paw) to work out all the details, arrange for keys, and make sure we have a great fit between sitter and furry child. 

Key Policy:

Two copies of keys necessary to access the house or apartment, including any common door keys/magnetic openers, are collected at the meet and greet (once everyone is comfortable).  We will hold onto these for future services so that you don’t have to worry about getting us keys each time you need us.  If you choose to hold onto your keys, or want them returned after services, we can offer a key pickup and drop off service for $20 each.