"If I'm not going with you, who's going to love on me?"


It’s the question that every dog or cat asks when they see your suitcase or briefcase, and now they know the answer. Sarah Sits-N-Stays! For shameless canine loving care.

While you're away, your pet needs extra love, not just a caretaker, whether this means getting their workout on the trail or lounging on the couch to cartoons. As pet parents and lovers ourselves, our goal is to make sure your pet is walked, fed, groomed and cared for as if you were still at home. Doggy play dates. Long walks. Cuddling together. We’ll discuss your pet's needs and desires, and you will get regular updates about what we’re doing so you never have to worry. We can sit. We can stay. And you come home to a happy pet.


Hi, I'm Sarah, Owner of Sarah Sits-N-Stays.

I've grown up with pets my whole life. As an animal lover myself I have modeled my business after the kind of love and care I give my own animals. As a company, we’ve cared for cats and canines from pups and kittens to sick and elderly dogs. We've even cared for the occasional rabbit, fish and bird. Regardless of the pet, you can be sure you'll receive the best care and love a human can give whether it be from me or my amazing staff:


Sarah hays

I’m an animal nut. I started Sarah Sits-N-Stays in 2010 because I wanted to do what I love...spend my day with animals...but also because I saw a need for a service that has a standard so high that the animals in its care are treated like family, given love as closely as possible to what their own humans would do. I grew up with dogs (and goats) as siblings, and worked as a Vet Assistant for almost two years.  During Katrina I volunteered for animal emergency relief, and I have a Bachelors of Science in biology from VCU. I have a passion for rescues and rescue work, a weak spot for pit bulls and the like, and I've never met a better friend than a dog.

Anne Collins

Growing up surrounded by animals on a farm in Rockbridge County, I only ever dreamed of working with them as an adult.  My childhood consisted of raising Labs, Great Pyrenees, Border collies, and, on occasion, horses, goats, and sheep.  Later, I was the assistant shop manager at Dogma Grooming for 8 years.  Now I've been working with this company for several years, and I love my job and the animals in our care. 


catie mccarthy

Bio to come



Abi snider

I’ve always felt strong love and kinship towards animals, particularly of the canine variety. I began working with them as soon as I could, visiting and volunteering at animal shelters as a child and later working at the SPCA. My best friend is my blue heeler mix, Granny Sammy! Being able to spend quality, personal time with a variety of animals is amazing to me, and I cherish every second of it!