Midday Visits:

These are great for people that have long work days or other commitments and know their buddy at home needs a chance for an outdoor break...and perhaps a social life.  1 hour visits are also perfect for trail hikes, "Buddy Walks" (social walks with dog friends), or playdates.  All visits include, playtime, walking, feeding, watering, cleaning up pet-related messes, litter scooping, and TLC.  Additional fur children are discounted to $5 each


  • 30 min visit $20
  • 1 hr. visit $30 (options include trail hikes, Buddy Walks (social walks with dog friends), playdates, or standard walks)

For Monday-Friday visits between 10am-4pm, these rates assume your dog can be socialized with other friendly dogs. But if you need privately reserved visits, let's chat, as we can make arrangements for that as well.

Sitting Visits:

These are meant for people who need reliable and loving care and companionship for their friend while they are out of town or gone overnight.  Includes playtime, walking, feeding, watering, cleaning up pet-related messes, litter scooping, and TLC PLUS mail retrieval, plant watering, light adjustments, trash take-out, and giving your home a “lived-in” look.


  • 30 min visit $20
  • 1 hr. visit $30
  • Overnights (10pm-7am) $54


Because the comfort level of the animals is our #1 priority, we want to make sure dogs don’t go too long between bathroom breaks.  So, for dogs that have no other means of relieving themselves (puppy pads, doggy door, etc.), a minimum of 3 visits is required for a 24 hour sitting period.  If doing an overnight for a 24 hour sitting period, at least one daytime visit is also required.

Special Needs & Extras:

Sometimes your case calls for a little something extra. We've got you covered.


  • Extended staying hours over 1 hr. are offered at a reduced hourly rate
  • Pet taxi $2/mi with initial startup fee
  • Key pickup/drop-off service $20
  • Subcutaneous fluids administration $10
  • Nail trimming $10

Services Outside of Our Area:

We offer all of our exercise visits, sitting services, and overnights outside of our service area for the mileage rate of $1.50 - 2/mi (depending on distance) for the additional round trip miles.  Requests outside of our area are considered based on availability for the additional time involved.

Holiday Pricing:

Holidays are charged at time and half.